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   pregnancy without medication and expensive therapy.

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Who is The Mobile Momma Method the right fit for?
  • pregnant women with low back, hip, pubic, and or sciatic pain
  • ​pregnant moms want to know what exercise is appropriate and when
  • pregnant moms who want to know activities that can do to help assist in natural labor and delivery
  • ​pregnant moms who want to be active without injuring themselves
What Members/Students Are Saying:

"The Mobile Momma Method is not just for moms in pain its for everyone." - Stephanie P. (Mobile Momma Client mother of Will)

"This is something I wish all my clients knew for labor preparation."
- Sharnice (doula)

 I had adjustments with Dr. Shara Posner. She is amazing, professional and specialize in pregnancy chiropractic adjustments. I truly feel that I owe my easy, three push delivery to her, my body being aligned, and becoming more aware of myself. - Theresa B.

Dr. Shara Posner is incredible. I have been seeing her periodically for treatments for pain with my back and neck for years, and she was particularly helpful with back pain management during my pregnancy with my second child. - Chrisandra W.
What You'll Get:
  • The Mobile Momma Method Signature Program  and access to Dr. Shara
You don't have to be in pain any longer!
Learn how to enjoy pregnancy and assist in ease with labor without medication and expensive therapies!

Dr. Shara Posner- Creator of the Mobile Momma Method

Dr. Shara is a practicing chiropractor in Alexandria, Va. After her own pregnancies' she continued her education and is pregnancy and pediatric certified. She has been in private practice for 18 years.  During her pregnancy, she felt there was a lack of central resources for pain relief. She didn't want to take medication or spend hours and tons of money in physical therapy. She knee there was a need to create a program for pregnant mothers suffering from pain that they could do from home for relief without medication and expensive therapies.  Dr. Shara believes that all mom's should enjoy their pregnancy and not live with the pain some consider "normal" during pregnancy. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
How Long does the program take?
It is self paced so you can take as long as you need. You have life long access!. 

I have no pain, is the program still useful?
You don't have to be in pain to learn the Mobile Momma Method. The method is designed to give you a better understanding for what your body is doing, how it affects the outcome of how you feel and how you labor.

Why is this course $197?
The goal is to actually save you money, time and increase your mood. If done right you will need less costly interventions during your pregnancy and at time of labor and delivery.  For a third of a price of a seasoned doula this program can be all yours! In fact, this program is likely less than your insurance deductible for weeks of physical therapy!

I am 6 months pregnant. Is this program still for me?
Yes! This program designed for specific adjustments during each trimester. Although it is best your start as early as possible at 6 months you will continue to find benefits.  The program is best for those in 1st, 2nd, and early stages of 3rd trimester.

I'm having a planned c-section. Is this program for me?
This program is there to help you get a pain-free pregnancy. If you suffer from pelvic, pubic, lower back, or hip pain the answer is yes!

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